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Commercial Waste Management Faversham

The town of Faversham is a market town in the English county of Kent. It is situated in the Swale district. This town is in the Thames Estuary at a distance of about 48 miles (77 kilometres) from London and about 10 miles (16 kilometres) from Canterbury, and is located near the Swale, a waterway separating mainland Kent from the Isle of Sheppey. The area is located near the A2, which follows Watling Street, a Roman and Anglo-Saxon railroad route. Faversham has been home to several breweries. Faversham was brewing long before the 1698 establishment of Shepherd Neame Brewery. 

A variety of specialty markets are held in addition to the regular markets, including ‘Best of Faversham’ art, craft, and food markets on the first and third Saturday of every month and ‘Faversham Antiques & Vintage Market’ on the first Sunday every month except September. With all of this great and vibrant commerce activity, waste management is needed. Ashford Waste Management has all the necessary tools needed to provide excellent waste management services. You can call us on 01233690450.


Commercial Waste Collection Faversham

For a town to remain vibrant and clean, effective waste management is imperative. There are a lot of shops, bars, and restaurants in the town centre, which require frequent waste  collection. As a result of archaeological treasures like it’s Faversham stone chapel, Faversham attracts quite a crowd. In Faversham, we have been providing effective waste disposal that is cost-effective and efficient. By providing a waste management service that is environmentally-friendly, we aim to ensure that Faversham remains clean, safe, and flourishing. 

Our business waste removal services are cost-effective and can help you handle all your waste collection needs. Our professional waste management service is established to meet the needs of all types of waste, whether it is general waste, hazardous waste, industrial waste, clinical waste or anything in between. Our unique approach to waste disposal enables us to cater our services to our customers in the best way possible. The initiative aims to reduce waste to landfills by recycling waste wherever possible. 


Commercial Waste Disposal Faversham

Every company produces waste, regardless of its field. We all know that waste is bad for the environment, and that the United Kingdom has no more places for it. For these reasons, as well as increasing pressure to recycle waste, waste disposal methods are regularly re-evaluated. As well as benefiting the environment, waste disposal is also beneficial to human health. First, we will separate your garbage at the source, so that you can comply with environmental regulations and be environmentally responsible at the same time.

Our disposal system includes recycling glass, cardboard, food, paper, and plastic in addition to ordinary and hazardous waste. We can create reports on how much of your waste can be recycled and what kinds of waste you generate. In addition to that, we will be able to see if any further opportunities for segregation exist on site. In centuries past, waste was buried rudimentarily because of the low population and the biodegradability of the waste. However, today the process of disposing waste varies greatly based on population size, usage, and available technology. Landfilling is similar to this old-fashioned disposal technique. The problem, however, is that most modern waste is not easily biodegradable, is of excessive volume, and damages ecosystems. Below are some of the methods in which we dispose of waste:


A recycling process refers to turning waste products into something new and useful. Discovering new applications for your items contributes to maintaining the environment. There are many things that can be recycled, such as cardboard, paper, glass, metal and plastic.


Composting is the natural process of turning organic matter like leaves and food scraps into a beneficial fertiliser that can benefit both soil and plants. Composting is an excellent eco-friendly waste disposal option if your organization generates a lot of food waste.

Our certified specialists will do a thorough audit of your waste before recommending the best containers for waste management. We’ll also be able to advise you of when your waste should be collected and how it should be transferred to a waste disposal facility.

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