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Commercial Waste Management Sittingbourne

The town of Sittingbourne is a popular tourist spot for visitors and locals alike. Throughout the industrial revolution, the community was known as an industrial hub and served as a vital port for Kent to sell its goods to London. This beautiful town, once a significant industrial town, has since evolved into a commuting suburb of London. This town is a lot of different things to many, a comfortable location to rest, a place to conduct business among some of the world’s largest and brightest firms, and a place that is both easy to reach and easy to unwind at the end of the day.

Beautiful orchards and farmland surround the town, as well as charming towns dotted with centuries-old churches. Milton Creek Country Park is also an excellent green environment from which to observe an oasis of species, some of which are of national or international significance. The North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty encompasses some of the surrounding area. have a long history of producing paper, bricks, and barges.

Indeed, Sittingbourne is where it is now because of these industries and Milton Creek! As much as this diversity of activities creates jobs for Sittingbourne, it also leads to a number of environmental problems, most notably the accumulation of waste due to increased business activities. As a full-service waste management company serving Sittingbourne and the surrounding areas, Ashford Waste Management offers collection options and waste management services. Give us a call on 01233 690 450.


Commercial Waste Collection Sittingbourne

No matter what your needs are, whether you’re a new company with no premises and occasional stalls at Milton Creek Country Park during sports days or an established company like the Sentado Lounge, we have a commercial waste collection and disposal solution that suits you. Without the help of our bins, this would not be possible. In addition to traditional waste bins also known as wheelie bins, our selection includes bins designed to fit any type of commercial waste need, including hazardous and construction waste. Regardless of your company’s waste management needs, you can count on us. From general waste collection and food waste recycling services to skip hire and hazardous waste disposal services for companies, we can meet your waste disposal needs and get your waste removed.

With waste collection, various things are to be considered for example, the kinds of bins the waste is stored in, the amount of waste to be collected, the type of waste and the location where the waste is stored. Waste falls out of overfilled bins when they are tipped. When the truck compactor is in use, hazardous waste such as empty gasoline cans can cause fires, igniting other waste. Bins can be locked or housed in secure locations to prevent non-paying parties from putting waste in them or animals to ravage in through them.

Commercial Waste Disposal Sittingbourne

Locating waste disposal sites, verifying what waste materials were disposed of over time and exactly where, and determining ownership and whether disposal procedures were proper or incorrect are all essential challenges in environmental lawsuits that arise due to improper waste management. We provide dependable and cost-effective waste removal services for a wide range of business types in Sittingbourne, from restaurants to bars to offices to warehouses to schools to manufacturing sites.

We offer a glass recycling collection service for culinary and hospitality businesses. Our Sittingbourne food waste collection may also benefit the same industries. Unfortunately, we do not offer domestic services. The Residents would have to head over to the Sittingbourne Household Recycling Centre in Gas Road but you would have to book a slot before your visit.

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