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Fly Tipping Figures Place to Soar Ashford

With local councils throughout the uk starting to cancel bin collections or reduce service levels, fly-tipping figures are looking to be sent .  Compounded by the closure of several local recycling centres and civil amenity websites, there is a real danger that unregistered waste carriers may capitalise on overflowing bins throughout the nation and turn a profit for themselves in the process. Fly-tipping, also referred to as fly dumping and illegal dumping is defined as the ‘illegal deposit of any waste on land that does not have a licence to accept it’.  From household waste, bulky items and weee (waste electrical and electronics ) things to dumping construction materials and demolition waste, not only are you the victim if it’s left on your land, but you’re also accountable for its removal.if that sounds unjust, that’s because it is.  


And what makes matters worse is that fly-tipping figures are all on the up round the leaning – reality and figures before even considering suggestion closures and cancelled bin collections, 2019 witnessed over one million (1,072,000) reported instances of fly-tipping, which is a 8% increase on the statistics from 2017/18. Almost two thirds (62%) of those reported incidents were attributed to household waste that could have easily been disposed of responsibly.  The most frequent location for tipping was highways such as pavements and roads, which accounted for nearly half (46 percent ) of the total incidents reported in 2018/19. Most notable is that the prominence of the ‘little van load’ that made up 33% of total incidents, which has been followed closely with the equal volume of a ‘car boot or less’ (30%).  These figures indicate the prominence of domestic users and unregistered waste carriers who are reluctant to pay landfill tax or the relevant gate fees in order to responsibly eliminate the waste.


Fly tipping and the law


The laws and laws around fly-tipping could be simplified down to a fact: it’s illegal. The dangers associated with fly-tipping are often understated as it is believed to be a victimless crime of sorts.  But the hazards include danger to animals, children and the general public whether through sharp things, unhygienic conditions or bodily injuries.  There is also the extra damage to watercourses and dirt, where toxic substances may float down to other areas and have a harmful, long-lasting effect on its environment, local wildlife and water goes without saying that any notion of recycling can also be taken out of the equation whenever fly-tipping is involved, so the harm to the environment is yet another undesirable by-product. 


Employing an inexpensive removal service might lead to a hefty fine landing on your doorstep because the waste will nevertheless be considered your obligation.  Rather, constantly use a registered waste carrier assistance, such as waste company’s bulky waste or sofa removal service.  These services provide an electronic waste transfer note, which forms an integral element of your duty of care and furnishes you with the complete reassurance your waste has been removed. However, it’s not only those looking to dodge the landfill tax or a gate fee who are the perpetrators of fly-tipping: organised criminal gangs are fly-tipping waste as part of illegal rubbish removal services.  The express and star reported with respect to these instances from the west midlands; “south staffordshire saw the largest rise, with 60 incidents of large scale fly-tipping in 2019 when compared with 2012. “talking to the express and star, yvonne davies, sandwell council councillor stated; “as a council, we’re very effective at dealing with fly-tipping and in the previous two years we’ve issued 165, 400, fines to individuals who we’ve been able to prove are accountable for fly-tipping rubbish in sandwell. “councillor angela lax of lichfield district council also advised the express and star that criminal gangs have been utilising private warehouses and land, and that landowners and businesses should be cautious in securing their properties.further south, itv reported that four out of five of the united kingdom ‘s worst places for fly-tipping are in london.  The boroughs of brent, croydon, hounslow and haringey were the victims of the highest number of tips from the nation, with 32,4261 incidents recorded in 2018/19 alone.  


This figure represents almost a third of the United Kingdom ‘s reported fly-tipping sites. However, Ashford live reported their city experienced 89 instances each day on average, with a shocking 54 dead animals being reported combined with 51 cases where medical waste was fly-tipped. An Ashford city council representative advised the book ; “we take waste crime extremely seriously, which will be reflected in our strong track record of prosecuting offenders and seizing assets of people who continue to handle and dump waste illegally and for gain.  


Quite simply fly-tipping is a crime that has a substantial effect on our communities and we will not tolerate it. “fly tipping – what can you do?if you’re a victim of fly-tipping then there are choices available to you.  It is of paramount importance that you report any fly-tipping instances that you witness.  Local authorities throughout the uk carried out 499,000 enforcement activities from the year 2018/19 and issued 76,000 fixed penalty notices in 2018/19. Legislation also increased in 2018/19, with the value of total penalties rising to 1,090,000, which has been a 29% increase on the last year.


Ashford Private landowners and fly tipping


If you’re a private landowner who has been saddled with waste as a result of fly-tipping, then the responsibility to remove the rubbish is, unfortunately, yours combined with the costs implied.  The local authority or environmental agency might be able to provide advice or even remove the waste, but this usually entails signposting towards a record of documented waste carriers.your neighborhood council and environmental agency is not obliged to remove bulky waste however.  For industrial waste projects, you’ll need to employ the services of a registered waste carrier to make sure your waste is being disposed of in compliance with the letter of the law.  Employing a registered waste carrier like waste company will make sure that you won’t have to pay a gate fee or landfill tax.not simply does waste firm send you a digital copy of your waste transfer note, but we’ll also keep a copy on file, just in case you want it for future reference.  Our waste transfer notes produce a complete and succinct document, detailing the automobile registration, the time and date of collection in addition to the essence of the waste collected. Once the set was received at the applicable local waste transfer station, we’ll also be able to offer you the details of the channel in question, in addition to the recycling rate for your waste accumulated, which is usually more than 95 percent .these measures will guarantee your complete confidence in waste provider and the fact your waste was disposed of in the most responsible fashion, both with regards to the surroundings and also the law. Our ‘van and man ‘ rubbish removal service is the biggest in the UK, the most reviewed on trustpilot and the ideal remedy to manage the unwanted effects of fly-tipping on your property. Removing rubbish.  It’s exactly what we do.

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