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Laboratory Closure and Relocation Ashford

Ashford Waste Management is one of the UK’s leading companies in providing lab close, lab move and clearance alternatives. We provide the needed transportation and proficient staff to transfer or dispose of all your laboratory equipment, ensuring that the clearance, close or relocation is simple, economical and worry free.

We’ve been in business for more than thirteen years and cover jobs which range from chemical manufacturing laboratories, pharmaceutical testing facilities, universities and government research institutes. Working within the time restraints and instructions from the client, we provide a logistical solution to your laboratory close, clearance or move. Recognising the need for protection, safety and right procedures, we can conduct a visit to your premises, carry out an appraisal on the basis of the gear, size of laboratory, type of building and packing requirements needed to be able to make the day of the move run as smooth as possible.

AWM provide an experienced chemist who counsels and overseas the safe packing and labeling of any compounds prepared for transportation according to the ADR Regulations. We also provide the packing materials, transportation and the disposal service, including dealing with any consignment notes which might be required. Our aim will be to ensure that we give you a economical and worry free service during the site close, clearance or move. Ashford Waste Management hope this info has been useful to you personally, and if we can be of any further help you can call us from our “Contact Us” page. In the event you would like a free no obligation quotation you can submit your list from our “Get a Quotation” page and we will deal with your request.

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