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Waste Disposal that Causes Blockage Ashford

“One flush and it’s gone”.  “Down the drain”.  “From sight and out of mind”.  Attitudes like these were commonplace for the longest period as it came to our kitchen and bathroom wastage.  Tampons, cotton buds and smoke ends were a few of the most common offenders that led to the blocking of drains and sewage systems across the uk.however, it was just as recently as 2018 that the occurrence of fatbergs floated into the overall people ‘s conscience through widespread media coverage.  


That the newly-positioned prominence of fatbergs (like this 64-metre long example) disgusted and intrigued the british public in equal amount and pulled focus on the requirement to treat our sewer systems, and consequently our seas, together with the utmost caution.  And that’s in which unblocktober comes encouraged by british waters and the rivers trust, unblocktober 2019 watched more than 5000 members of the british public pledge to rethink what they throw off in their kitchens and bathrooms.  This past year, the aim is to reach even more people and increase the degree of awareness and activity even further.  However, what would be the benefits of rethinking our waste habits?reassessing the way we eliminate our toilet and bathroom waste would have a knock-on effect and result in fewer occurrences of foul waste flood, pollution as well as roadworks (because of excavation and also the repair of blocked sewer pipes).


Plastic truth and figures


the unblocktober website features some honestly shocking facts and figures which are sufficient to make even the most avid environmentalist think twice before heading for the complete flush.  48 percent is the percentage of british families who send cooking fats and oils down the drain, although the amount of used cotton buds which go round the u-bend tops 180 million.perhaps less unsurprisingly would be the number of families (48% ) who’ve flushed wet wipes (biodegradable or otherwise) down the bathroom and sadly, the 8 million tonnes of plastic which pollutes our oceans each year.  Thankfully, the unblocktober website also features plenty of simple tips and suggestions about how you can help to bring these characters (as well as also the fatbergs) down.


The items which are often incorrectly disposed of are recorded, alongside a simple request to pledge that none of these items will probably be flushed or sent down the drain.  The listing features some items which are surprising, although others are a little more obvious.  From cooking sauces to get lenses, the good news is that everyone the items listed are easily disposable in ways that don’t sully our own sewers so you can make a great impact without really making enormous get involved and find out more, you can sign up to unblocktober here.  It is possible to also trace unblocktober on societal networking or use #unblocktober to share your posts and join with others.unblocktober with waste company. 


Where can waste company aid with unblocktober? 


 Through our industry-leading rubbish removals and waste clearances, we can achieve an average recycling and landfill diversion rate of over 95%.  This means that in case you find yourself with a complete wheelie bin and you’re still days away from the following collection, our personal home wheelie bin sets can eliminate your waste, whilst making sure that it does not have a detrimental effect on our our sewers.that’s not where it finishes waste business ‘s care on earth, though.  Our fleet of vehicles are constructed on an ultra-light chassis, which not just reduces fuel consumption but also reduces our carbon emissions.  Going even further, our reforestation project is made up of 2 uk forests, made up of 19, 674 trees and is estimated to have offset 1, 886 tonnes of c02, making waste firm a carbon-neutral company.have check out this link to find out more about waste firm environmental credentials.removing rubbish (and doing our bit for the planet).  It’s exactly what we do.

About waste company

since 2013, waste firm has operated on-demand rubbish clearance and waste elimination services across the nation and have over 120 vehicles and 300 directly-employed staff.  Our industry-leading services comprise our ‘van and man ‘-style rubbish clearances in addition to our skip tote, skip hire and couch removal services.we are proud to include some of the uk’s leading brands because our exclusive customers.  Waste company rated as the fastest-growing waste management company in europe for 3 decades in a row and also featured on the sunday times virgin atlantic quickly track for the previous couple of decades. 

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