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WEEE recycling & disposal Ashford

Waste firm offers computer and IT equipment recycling solutions to both commercial enterprises and families in major cities of the UK like Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and surrounding regions.  We provide these services under the weee directive. For an obligation free quote contact user book online.


WEEE Recycling Ashford

All electric and electronic appliances are delivered to a licensed and authorised treatment facility (aatf) for analyzing, refurbishment thereby placing items into re-use by donating some items to charity associations.  The ultimate result being saving precious resources in the creation of new items, diverting waste from landfill and conserving energy in the creation of new products.  We all reduce carbon emission amounts protecting our environment.

 While the Waste business offers electronic waste recycling solutions, items are recycled in an environmentally friendly way.  We follow the directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment in an effort to give business electric waste disposal.


We provide certification for the destruction of weee collections such as disposal of pc’s recycling, laptop recycling to some undesirable fridge removal, fridge freezer removal and trash removal.


WEEE collections Ashford 


Waste business, provides a complete service junk removal of any undesirable weee products, from homes to offices, companies, restaurants, resorts and more with items removed such as:

toys, leisure and sports equipment

tracking and control instruments

electric and electronics customer equipment, tvs, hi-fi

it and electronics gear household appliances, fridges, toasters, cookers

automatic dispensers

crt, coolers, freezers, fluorescent tubes

catering equipment and more


Why use waste business for WEEE clearance in Ashford?


We use just licensed approved and authorised treatment facility authorised by epa or sepa

we guarantee that information will be wiped/cleaned to stop confidential and sensitive information from moving to third parties


We provide office clearance support such as furniture disposal, secure shredding and other and other weee items collections.for that a weee recycling & disposal duty free quote contact us on 01233 690 450 or book online.


It equipment recycling entails stripping down and separating the various material components in the equipment.  The vast majority of IT equipment is currently collected, shredded and processed, together with the ferrous, non-ferrous and valuable metals recovered and sent for recycling.  This makes a value and future price saving.


This is an increasingly important part of our organization, particularly when it concerns the safe disposal of this equipment – much of which comprises a combination of toxic waste like gases, batteries and chemicals on motherboards as well as valuable metals.

The directive sets a duty on the supplier of electric / electronics to ensure that customers can return expired items for recycling.


WEEE Bin collections Ashford


If required, we could also provide a packaging service for you.

For people this usually means bringing to your household waste recycling facility where they’re collected and recycled.  For commercial organisations, we offer a safe and reliable waste electrical and electronics equipment (weee) disposal service.

We can safely dispose of and recycle old equipment like computers, vdus, printers and crt/lcd screens.  In addition, we recycle other electronic hardware like tvs, tapes, floppy discs, cds and dvds, all in compliance with european directives (weee) along with UK legislation.

Suitable containers can be supplied for your own storage of your waste electronics and electrical equipment until full or for twelve majority disposals.


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